16″ Weighted Lali available Thurs. 11/10 @ 9pm

Merry will be available for adoption on my Etsy shop this Thursday Nov 10th at 9pm EST.

Merry is a 16″ Button/String jointed doll.  She is stuffed with a combination of wool and poly pellets to give her weight.  I don’t have a scale to weigh her properly (sorry) but I would guess she’s just under two pounds, since she feels a bit lighter than my 2lb exercise weight 😉 The poly pellets really give her a realistic feel and paired with the button joints, she seems quite poseable.  She has blue eyes and soft blonde mohair with a little bit of curl to the ends.  She is sculpted for life-like details, fingers, toes, belly button, bottom and facial features.  She does not have the magnetic inserts and will not come with a pacifier.  Merry will come dressed in this adorable “Sue’s Crochet Designs” snowman costume, which comes with a hat, footed suit, mittens, scarf and broom.  Also, so she has something to wear after the holidays, she will come with her own receiving blanket, diaper, t-shirt and crocheted hat and booties.

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