Drawing for Easter Custom orders

Hi ladies, I am going to take 3 custom orders for dolls ready by Easter.  These will be for the 16″ size doll.  I think it would be fun to do another drawing to choose the buyers.  The price of the dolls begin at $225 USD but each buyer will also be able to purchase additional clothes, diapers, shoes, hats etc.  The buyers will be able to choose from the following options;

Legs: I can make straight legs or bent legs (more baby like)

Nose: I can do the traditional style waldorf nose or my usual doll nose. I’ve got pics of both on my fb page.

Hair color and Hair type; I can do short to medium length hair in mohair wigs, (limited colors availalbe) This is the hair that looks the most like real baby hair. Other hair choices are crocheted mohair cap, which is short hair for babies or boy dolls.  I can also do longer mohair yarn hair, boucle (curly mohair yarn), wool hair or a mixture of yarns.

Eye color: Most colors available

Clothes:  Do you want a dress, overalls, shirt pants, let me know the style and any color requests and I will create a special outfit for your doll included in the price, which also comes with matching shoes or booties and Diaper or underwear.

Optional: I will take any additional clothing orders for any of the buyers chosen from the drawing; Clothing prices start at $15, I also make felt shoes, hats, diapers etc. 

You may request your doll be completed prior to Easter, however, I will have to varify any specific dates are available.  Payment is due at the time I am ready to begin working on your doll. 

**Please note, all the dolls come out different, I cannot replicate exact faces, however I can do certain things such as bigger/smaller eyes, eye lashes, freckles, things like that.

If you would like to enter the drawing, please leave comment below. Drawing will take place on Friday Feb 11th and will be announce here as well as the new waldorf facebook page.

27 thoughts on “Drawing for Easter Custom orders

  1. Oh!!! We would love a custom lali for Easter!!!! Are you no longer doing the mod acrylic hair? I didn’t notice it listed under hair?

  2. Lisa, The dolls I’m currently making are waldorf dolls, so I’m trying to stick to all natural materials. The mohair wigs look similar to the mod wigs but are made from natural mohair However, if you are selected and rather have the mod wig, I can definitely do that.

  3. I would be interested in being entered into the drawing for a custom doll as well! Especially if it’s a Pippi Longstocking themed (and possibly a monkey pal). 😀

  4. I can also see a Pippi doll w/a stick-type hobby horse and/or something horse &/or hats that are monkey or horse related.

    Or possibly the winter outerwear (hat,coat, scarf, boots) could be Sami-oriented styled? Or a pirate hat & eye patch? Play wear can be the traditional Pippi outfit.

    Just some ideas. 😉

  5. Myah and I love your dolls Jennifer! I am leaning towards a more natural doll that has ydd’s features this time ~ curly hair and dimples (ydd is a Shirley Temple look alike 🙂 . The doll would be absolutely adorable with a cute apron dress with bloomers and maybe a “lollipop” with a magnet that she could suck on and a matching coat, shoes and hat~~swoon! Please count us in for this drawing too!

  6. I have a partially weighted goblin baby doll (from another artist) & love the feel of the goblin. Weight towards the bottom of the torso & upper part of the arms & legs, makes it feel like a real baby, but it’s still huggable & not hard.

    Separated or sewn fingers is preferred over a glove type hand (& it could even accommodate arm warmers. :-))

    And of course, if it’s a Pippi Longstocking, freckles, a big smile, large green eyes & straight dark red hair in sticking out braids (w/ribbons) could complete the picture.

    • I’ve already done the drawing for the Easter customs, but if you click on the tab at the top of the page that says “Lali Lotto” there is a monthly drawing I’ll be doing starting in May for custom spots 😉

      Thanks you!

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