An Art doll Rebecca


SDC18648 2Rebecca is a new lifelike doll I have been working on. It is exciting for me as a doll maker to learn and practice new skills, especially when the envisioned result is finally achieved. I have been practicing different techniques for a while, some of them work out and some do not. My dolls are in constant evolution. I am often left in the dark as to what will be next with them, sometimes an accident leads to new discoveries that take me further than years of practice. Rebecca actually began several months ago as a custom doll from a design that I had already been making for the past year. I messed up her head before I even got her skin on but it turned out that my mess up was actually that missing link to what I needed to do in order to achieve the look I had been after all along. A doll I called Lyra was the result. I decided not to finish and sell Lyra. Instead I put her aside to piddle with her again months later. I ended up changing her eyes and her mouth and adding some more detailed sculpting and then I saw little Rebecca, a sweet little freckle faced, tomboy girl that loves to play outside in the summer in her bare feet, catching frogs of all things! I don’t think I can part with this little girl who has taught me so much, just yet! but I hope to bring more of her friends to life soon.


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