A Semi-custom doll for Friday

I just finished this pretty little girl. She is not available for sale, however, I’d love to make another dolly of this style for one of you, so I am listing a semi-cust0m spot available tomorrow night Friday June 14th at 10pm EDT. This will be the first to cart in my Hyena Cart shop or “Doll Shop” link above http://www.hyenacart.com/Lali


The doll is of the non-jointed style. Her arms and legs are sewn into the seams allowing for movement, so she can sit very easily and even stand if she had shoes and a good balance. Her arms have plenty of movement too, so it is easier for clothing changes etc. and of course playtime is a lot more fun with dolls that move around. The doll is approx 14″, has the sculpted facial features. You may choose the colors of the Hair/eyes/skin. The included hair is wefted wig. The wefts these days are somewhat limited, so if you have something very specific in mind, just message me before you purchase, so I can make sure it will be available etc. The doll will come with a 2-piece outfit, panties and shoes, as well as a blusher cloth for adding extra color to her lips/cheeks and a signed birth certificate with her name and birthdate.

The price is $295 + shipping

Shipping USPS Priority with insurance



Other International-$50

**Please note, these types of dolls faces will vary, just like real people. If you know you are very particular about getting a certain face, please wait until you see the right Ready to Go doll. I will post a few more photo’s below of dolls I’ve made in this style, so you can see how they can vary.


SDC18923 SDC18849

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