Happy Fall! Kitty doll

Happy Fall!

Ahh Fall! My favorite time of year, I’ve decided. Maybe it has always been so. I am too stubborn to admit it since I know summer means going to the beach and a break from schooling but there’s definitely something about this time of year that makes one feel good and fresh. Possibly a break from the hot, humid, mosquito filled air that comes with a Georgia summer… Anyway, I wanted to make something to celebrate the season, so Raven, the little black Halloween kitten was born. She is made with the Waldorf method head inside and she’s stuffed with 100% wool. Her skin is black cotton velour. She has hand embroidered facial features; golden cat eyes and a little pink nose.  Her limbs are sewn into her body and are quite floppy. So she is very easy to play with and pose. Raven will be available for adoption this Friday Oct 18th at 9pm ET in the “Doll Shop” (link above). Her listing can be previewed now. For those of you that are interested in toy making, I am working on a pattern for Raven!

Thanks for looking xoxo – Jenn



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