A Lali Posy




This is Diana, a Posy doll, which has a wire armature allowing her to easily pose in many positions. She can sit, stand, bend at the knees, elbows, hands and can even slightly hold her head at a tilt to either side. She is only the 2nd of this style doll that I have made. The first was a doll I made for my daughter for Christmas. On my daughters doll, I learned how to make a nice strong wire armature skeleton, which would be strong enough for lots of bendy play but Diana started out as just practicing with sizing and skills etc and I didn’t really intend on making her into a complete doll, so her wire skeleton wasn’t made with the extra strength. Therefore, I am not recommending her for children. An adult collector or older child that plays gently would be the best home for Diana. As long as her limbs aren’t bent into sharp bends repeatedly and she is treated delicately she should be just fine. Since she is an imperfect practice doll, I almost decided to just keep her but instead, I thought a $0 start auction would be fun. So she will be available this Friday January 10 starting at 9am ET and ending at 10pm ET in the “Doll Shop” (link above). I don’t have the listing up just yet but will get more pics and try to have it up by Thursday evening at the latest. Diana1

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