Auction doll today


Pari is sweet, summery girl, also very bright, so you can’t get by with just anything around her. Every story you tell her has to be logical or somehow she will know. She has crazy blonde curls (mohair weft). Don’t try the light socket joke on her. I mentioned it earlier and she informed me that it was not a very original joke and therefore, not very clever. She has a freckled face and sun kissed skin (Laib Yala) from all the long hot summer days of playing outside. She comes with real sandals. She rarely likes to wear shoes actually. She says she prefers feeling her toes in the grass and can’t easily hop across the rocks in the creek with silly shoes on but I did manage to convince her that she should at least take a pair of shoes with her to her new home, just in case there are bees in her new yard or if she’s invited shopping. She is convinced that she doesn’t like shopping and I told her, if she didn’t take shoes, her new family would surely take her out shopping for a new pair, that was enough to convince her and she even let me take a few photo’s with them on. Pari has the prettiest blue eyes, hand embroidered in cotton floss. She comes with a pink linen sun dress, bloomers, panties, shoes, blusher cloth and birth certificate. She is stuffed with wool. Her head is constructed in the same method as Waldorf dolls and then needle felted to bring out her unique personality.

The auction for Pari is live now, ending at 11pm ET tonight in the “Doll Shop

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