Bonnie auction



Bonnie is available for auction now and ending tonight at 11pm ET in the “Doll Shop“.

Bonnie is a nature girl with a big imagination, a dreamer and an artist. She sits outdoors and watches the squirrels and birds playing and imagines what it would be like to fly or to jump so far from one branch to another. She can picture how cozy the rabbits burrow must be on the inside. She sometimes makes up stories about them and doodles pictures of them when she sees them doing something particularly adorable. She often writes her stories down and tells them to her friends. She loves camping and hiking through nature trails. Her favorite part of camping is when it starts to get dark out and everyone sits by the campfire eating roasted Marshmallows on a stick and she can share her newest stories with everyone.
Bonnie is handmade using natural materials. She is approx 20″ tall. Her skin is golden tan 100% cotton Swiss Tricot. She is stuffed with wool and her head is constructed in the same method as Waldorf dolls and then needle felted for shaping to create her unique personality.  She has green eyes, embroidered from cotton floss. Her hair is blonde mohair weft, which was handmade into a wig. This style of hair can be easily combed and styled in any hair style.  Bonnie comes with a 3 in 1 outfit, consisting of a collared dress made from Liberty of London fabric, a pink linen pinafore, bloomers, panties and wool felt boots. She will also come with a blusher cloth and birth certificate.

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