Anna (custom)


20″ custom Wildflower doll


Hello mommy, I’m ready to meet you.


I’m daydreaming of all the fun things we’ll do.


Can we play dress up and go for rides in your car?


Can we wish together on a shooting star?


My wish has already come true,

so I’ll wish something special just for you.

6 thoughts on “Anna (custom)

  1. Hello! This is the most beautiful Waldorf Doll I’ve ever seen. I’m learning
    how to make Waldorf dolls. I’m Brazilian and unfortunately isn’t easy to find
    good materials. Could you tell me where can I buy this kind of hair?
    Thank you very much and congratulations!
    Kind regards,
    Andreia (

  2. Esta muñeca es hermosa. Se puede comprar el molde del cuerpo? Puedo leerlo en castellano?
    o en aleman?,escribí, mi nombre pero no tengo contraseña. Me gustaría saber más de éstas muñecas ya que las he visto en Etsy.
    Saludos Karin Hillbrecht

  3. Oh my goddness…Anna is absolutely sweet and beautiful!! I would like to buy these doll for my sisters dougher. Is it possible?

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