Custom orders Closed

I am finally trying to schedule time to work on some of my patterns to release, so last week, I went ahead and closed custom orders. They will not open back up this year or for the foreseeable future. I like to occasionally offer custom orders to get an idea of what people want and to get a more personal experience with the customers. But with limited time, unfortunately, I can’t always do that. I will be finishing up my current orders, working on patterns, and in between, I will have Ready made dolls available in the monthly Dollectable stocking, which happens the 1st of every month.

Thank you all xoxo


4 thoughts on “Custom orders Closed

  1. I always love seeing what you are doing and love your things very much, plan on purchasing some patterns and trying out a waldorf doll, haven’t made one in a while, I make teddy bears out of recycled wool sweaters as a small business but have several little ones in my life to surprise with new little “friends” when I can, Two little brothers who I love spending time with play with a bear I made their dad when he was their age!!

  2. Hello, I can’t wait to see your new patterns. It is very exciting! I alsready have one of our patterns and I have been trying to learn as much as possible about the needle sculpting you do as it brings such life to your dolls. Hopefully you will pass on more of your technique in needle felting with your new patterns…When will your new patterns be released?

    • Thanks so much April 🙂 The next one I plan to release is my bunny pattern. It does have a needle felted face, so you will learn a lot about that in this pattern. I can’t give an exact timeframe. I have several custom orders I need to finish up before I can really dig in and get to work on the new patterns. I hope to have several before the end of the year though 😉

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