Darius available tonight

darius11Darius is a 14″ style Sunshine doll. She is available in the “Doll Shop” tonight at 9pm ET. Her listing is up now for viewing.

14″ Lali Sunshine doll
Ages 12+
Summer is here and Darius is ready. It’s her favorite season of all. She loves being out of school and getting to explore the things that she finds interesting. Some of those things are a little messy, just so you know. She sees everything. Many times people may walk right past a hole in the ground and not think too much of it. Darius on the other hand, thinks she has to know what is in there. She will sit close by and watch it for hours trying to see if anything comes out. I have seen her poking sticks into one but I explained to her that maybe that wasn’t the best idea, so hopefully, she truly agrees with me on that one. She’s quite a character, a good girl at heart but she doesn’t always realize the consequences of her actions, so a close eye needs to be kept on her at all times. I had caught her sewing up something one day. I asked her what it was but she just said, “it’s a surprise” I didn’t think much else of it until the next day when I seen what she had been working on strapped onto the back of the dog and she was pretending our very hyper dog was a horse. The dog runs past and she yells out “SURPRISE”!! I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest. These are the kinds of things this little gal gets up to when you’re not looking. But what fun she is! All the neighbor kids have been knocking at the door to get Darius to come out and play with them. Apparently, they find her naughtiness rather exciting. Darius is looking for a home with someone that will let her have a little bit of fun. Who knows, maybe she will bring out some of your child-like adventurous side too.
Darius is a new size. She is modeled after my newest Sunshine dolls but with a reduced size of 14″. Her skin is made with DeWitte Engel brand 100% cotton fabric, imported from the Netherlands.  She is stuffed with 100% wool. Her limbs are felted very firmly but her body is stuffed firmly rather than felted, so she can be a little more huggable. She has felted knee caps too. Nothing cuter than knobby knees on a kids. She has a belly button and bottom cheeks. Her face is felted to give her a unique personality. She has lips, chubby cheeks and cute little nose. Her eyes are hand embroidered in brown cotton floss. Her hair is made from tees water locks, which are colored in dark brown and black with highlights of auburn shades. Her clothes are handmade by me. Her top was designed after a shirt that my daughter has and then I hand embroidered a couple of flowers on it, underneath her top, she wears a solid pink tank top. Her shorts are made out of an old pair of clean warn out blue jeans. I especially used these for their adorable frayed and faded look, which you just can’t quite duplicate with new fabrics. Her boots were made using a pattern from Ithinksew.com They have sparkly silver shoe strings. She also has a pair of panties underneath and will come with a blusher cloth for touching up cheeks and lips and a birth certificate with her name and birth date.
**Due to the type of hair Darius was given, I do not recommend she be given to a younger child. She is really more for an adult collector or older child who takes very good care with dolls. Her hair cannot be brushed but can be finger picked into styles. If a knot develops in her hair, it can be gently picked out and then dampen that strand with a wet cloth and allow to dry to bring back the curly effect.
Thank you for looking!
Lali Dolls

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