About Lali Dolls

All of our dolls are handmade using the best quality all natural materials and are stuffed with 100% wool filling, making them so huggably soft and warm.  Each doll is a OOAK creation, individually made, so each doll is unique. The heads of our dolls are constructed in a process like Waldorf dolls which involves tightly rolling wool into a ball and then shaping it with strings. Using this method, makes the head very firm and durable.  Much attention to detail is put into each doll. The sweet faces make a life-like companion and inspire so much imagination and play for children and collectors of all ages.  Each doll comes with their own unique outfit handmade especially for them and a signed birth certificate with their name and birthday.


12″ Lali Floppy Baby

16" Posy doll

16″ Lali Posy doll


15″ Lalipop Doll

16" Sculpted face baby doll

16″ Lali Tender Baby

Jointed baby with pacifier

14″ Binky Baby (jointed with magnetic pacifier)


8″, 13″ and 17″ Lali Critters