Thank you Discount

Doll making brings me such joy and peace. It really is my therapy. When I’m creating something, I’m able to put my focus on something else and escape for a few hours. Usually while I’m creating I’m also reflecting on all of my thoughts but in a calmer and more organized way than usual, I’m working out plans, problem solving or coming up with new ideas. When I’ve finished up for the day, I’ll have a hot cup of tea and then I just feel refreshed and ready for what life throws at me. 

I know as most of us are stuck in our homes at this time, it can be frustrating and overwhelming giving the circumstances. Many of you are also finding peace in their doll making or other arts. If there’s a pattern you’ve been wanting to try or one to add to your collection, as a thank you to my customers, I am giving a discount code for 10% off PDF patterns now until Sunday at 11:59pm ET. available in my online shop. Thank you for supporting small businesses.

Happy Doll Making ❤️

Add the discount code to your cart automatically from the following link: or use discount code thankyou at checkout.