Custom Doll Form

If you have ordered a custom doll, please email me the answers to the following options. Prices are shown on the home page.

**Please note; I cannot replicate exact faces, each doll is an individual, unique product, so no two dolls will ever look exactly the same. Payment is due in full before I begin work on the doll.

Email to

-Size: 12″/14″/16″/18″

-Skin color: Fair/Sunkissed/Dark Tan/Redish-Brown

-Baby style or Standard? (Babies have curved arms/legs and the standard has straight arms/legs).

-Jointed Baby? (ages 3+) (Button/string jointed babies have the curved arms and legs for baby look, can hold poses).

-Magnetic insert and pacifier? (Not recommended for children under 3) Not available for dolls with sculpted lips.

-Hair color and type? Straight, wavy or curly? (colors may be limited with certain options) Wefted wig/Yarn/Art Yarn (Tibetan Lambskin or other skinned hair options are no longer available).

-Eye color?

-Eye style: round/asian/with lashes? with sparkle?

-Sculpted facial features with detailed nose and lips? (Magnetic pacifier not available with this option).

-Diaper bag set? Includes bag, two cloth diapers, 2 pampers, toy bottle and wipes is additional $40

3 thoughts on “Custom Doll Form

  1. I would like to order a custom doll. I know exactly what we want just not sure if you are accepting orders for custom at this time.

    • I am not accepting customs at the moment but I do have a wishlist page here you are welcome to leave your comment as to what you would like to see and that way I have an idea of what you are looking for and will perhaps make it sometime soon 😉 Thank you xx

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