Lali Lotto

Purchase a Custom Lali Doll

**See home page for prices

We mostly list Ready made dollies, however, we do offer some semi-custom spots throughout the year, which means you can choose hair, eye, skin color. If you are interested in purchasing a custom made doll, you may leave a comment below to be entered in our random drawings. If your name is selected, we will contact you by email.

**Please note, all the dolls come out different, I cannot replicate exact faces.


Size: 15″

Legs: I can make straight legs or bent legs (more baby like)

Hair color andΒ Hair type; I can do short to medium length hair in mohair wigs, (limited lengths, styles and colors availalbe) This is the hair that looks the most like real baby hair. Other hair choices are crocheted mohair cap, which is short hair for babies or boy dolls.Β  I can also do longer mohair yarn hair, boucle (curly mohair yarn), wool hair or a mixture of yarns. Tibetan Lambskin, Kid Goat, wefted handmade wigs etc. Keep in mind that the hair is usually what determines the final price of the doll.

Eye color: Most colors available

The doll comes with one 2-piece outfit and shoes to be chosen by me depending on what I think best suits the doll.

219 thoughts on “Lali Lotto

  1. Jennifer, please count me in for the the Lali Lotto. Your dolls are the absolute most perfect waldorf dolls I have seen anywhere. I love their sweet faces and I know ydd would love to have a new friend πŸ™‚

  2. We would love to make Lali a part of our family,love love your talent,and the life you give your dolls!!

  3. Your dolls are amazingly detailed and adorable! I would love a chance to order a custom doll for my daughter Ava. Mahalo for having this lotto! πŸ™‚

  4. Your dolls are heavenly! I hope to one day (after nursing school) be able to afford one for my 12 year old and 2 year old:)

  5. This would be my first ever doll! I simply love them and would love to be entered for a chance to win won! Thanks so much! Ashley

  6. I would LOVE to enter the drawing! We live here in Georgia and I’d love my baby girl to have a custom doll made right here at “home.”

  7. Entry for Drawing! Would love one or two for my girls. They remind me of a doll I once had when I was little ❀ ❀ ❀

  8. These are the cutest things I have seen in a long time. I appreciate the fact that each one is made individually and the care and concern that is put into each one of these unique dolls. I hope you have continued success. I went to your site to possibly purchase one, but there were none available.

  9. I would so Love to get the chance for a Custom Spot sometime in 2013…Ijust Love these babies so much, and our little granddaughters would just adore one!!..thank you so much for this chance!! ❀

  10. my little girl is going to be 2 years old cant walk or crawl we’ve been looking for a special doll for her a i love your dolls we have been waiting for her 2nd bierthday to pick just the right dollie that she can grow with.. hope we win this lali lotto

  11. I would so love to be able to make a custom Alice in Wonderland doll through you for my little girl’s 4th birthday in April. Please consider me!!

  12. I have two little girls and one little boy who would love to have a Lali Doll of their very own. Please put us in the next drawing. Thanks!

  13. Yes please I’d like to enter Lali Lotto. Would love one of your stunning dolls for my little girl. Thank you ❀

  14. I’d like to be entered into the lotto. We are stationed overseas and trying for baby #2…. When i was a bun in my moms oven, my mom got my sister a very special baby doll and she had a very special bond (baby was in My very first family photo) I’d really love for my little Danica to have this experience! I’m in love with your dolls! The selection here in Okinawa is not very good.I have looked around and none compare! Thanks!!

  15. I am mad about your dolls, and now have all my fingers and toes crossed to be drawn for a custom spot. It will be cherished by my little girl for ever… just like I still have all my childhood babies.

  16. I would love a chance to buy one of your custom dolls for my grand daughter. She is 19 months old and soon going in for her second open heart surgery. She lights up the room when she sees a baby doll! and yours are the most beautiful I have seen. I am aware of the cost. Please enter me in the drawing.

  17. I would love the chance to order a custom doll for my 19 month old daughter. It would be here first and I think she would love it and comfort her like she does for me while I undergo chemo treatments for kidney cancer.

  18. Plz o plz.. a custom for my daughter Bella we finally last month found out she has mitocondrial disease. . Which means me and all my kids have it and we are being tested to find out the percentage of our mitochondria are effected.. its a chronic disease no treatment or cure.. biggest fan of your dolls not a doll collector..ive wantes one for Bella sense she was tiny

  19. I would love a chance to win a doll and have a custom “nursery animal” made for my first grandson due in May, 2014.

  20. Would love one of your baby dolls for my daughter for her birthday! Her coloring is hard to find and would love a custom baby with her coloring! Auburn hair, pail skin with brown eyes

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