SDC17550Lali Doll magnetic pacifier instructions.

Don’t worry if your kids keep loosing their doll paci’s because you can easily make your own.  Make them to match different outfits.
What you need:
-E6000 glue (available in almost all craft sections, Michaels, JoAnns, Wal-Mart)
-Super strong Neo magnets 1/2″ diameter works best (These are the silver flat circle craft magnets available in most craft sections)
-Regular baby pacifier (make sure to look behind the nipple to make sure it has a flat enough area to glue the magnet onto Parents Choice or Nuk are usually a good choice).
Now you want to cut off the nipple/teet part of your pacifier, pull the nipple slightly as you cut so it becomes flush with the pacifier base, you don’t want the silicone being any higher than the pacifier base because then your magnet won’t lay flat against the base.
Next, you want to put your magnet up to your dolls mouth to see which end you want to glue down onto the pacifier, you don’t want your doll to repel the pacifier, so you have to make sure you have the right end of the magnet facing upward.
Now you can squirt out some of your glue onto the pacifier base and put your magnet on right side up. Leave overnight or 24 hours sitting in an up right position so the magnet doesn’t slide around.