This is a place to put your ideas for your dream doll. We will be doing a lot of Ready made dolls, so it’s nice for me to be able to know what people are wanting to see. What are you hoping to purchase from Lali Dolls? Do you like the baby styles, do you like the jointed dolls, the pacifiers, the lively eyes with the sparkle and lashes or the round eyes or asian eyes, what’s the perfect size doll? what type of hair would your dream doll have? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

22 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. My new dream doll is a little Asian boy with a body like your doll named Whisper which as you put it, “The 12″ size doll is fun. That doll I listed has straight legs, so can sit and she’s not jointed, so really good for little ones all around!”
    I would also like him to have blush skin, dark brown Asian eyes, no lashes or sparkle this time so he will look more boyish. Plus short, dark brown hair with a slight curl to it, similar to the mohair wig on June’s recent custom doll but I am open to options. hehe Also, no pacifier needed as my baby never took to one so wouldn’t know what to do with it. LOL I would be ever so happy to see a cute, little 12″ Asian boy like this sometime down the line. Little buddy boy dolls seem to be increasing in popularity these days so it would be a good idea to make some up! 🙂 I know that I would be quick to grab a little guy with these specifications so my fingers are crossed that you would be up for it too! Thanks as always, Jenn. You are amazing! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. I just love Bellamy! I would like a twin! Love the blonde hair, jointed doll ,the eyes with lashes and a pacifier! Same size!! Thanks for asking! I would still love a custom spot!!

  3. I love the dolls you have with the soft hair like Ginny – blonde or brunette it doesn’t matter to me. They look much more realistic to me. And of course a pacifier is a must. Love the jointed if an option, and am a big fan of a smaller size as my DD is still young and can handle them much better! Thanks!

  4. I’d love to share a home with a Lalidoll! I’d like to have my doll be a larger jointed doll with defined fingers and toes. Her hair would be honey art yarn like your homepage’s pic with your beautiful real Lali or possibly a honey-colored long curly mohair. Her eyes would be a deep amethyst or violet and she would be wearing any outfit that has a dress and cap- and of course- a sweet smile. Thanks for creating a place to dream!

  5. My dream Lali doll, that I would LOVE to purchase, would be a jointed tan doll, no pacifier, lively brown eyes with sparkle and lashes, 16 inches, soft black shoulder length hair. I nanny for a beautiful half Indian girl. I’m always looking for custom dolls so I can get one that looks like her. I am absolutely in love with your gorgeous dolls! I recently started looking into the Waldorf method and creative play toys for children. I have decided the next gift I give her will be a heirloom quality beautifully crafted Waldorf inspired doll. I hope you continue making them for a long time so I may one day purchase one for my future child!

  6. I would also love to purchase a blond boy Lali doll with short hair for my nephew. I would like it to be a jointed doll with out a pacifier and size 14 inches. I would like round blue eyes. I would also love to see another doll like Berry. I am a brunette with blue eyes and I fell in love with that doll! Honestly I love every doll that you create!

  7. I would LOVE another ‘Honey’ style doll with light brown mohair hair sort of short so it looks like a new born, a face just like Juniper. Brown eyes, tan skin, magnetic pacifier. I love the baby you have shown on your etsy for your PDF pattern listing!

  8. I would like to have a Loli doll come live with me.
    Auburn hair and blue green eyes. I would a 12″ little girl. Defined fingers and toes would be awesome but the most important thing: HAPPY smiling 🙂
    I need a little darling to hug please 🙂

  9. My dream doll would be a tan skinned baby doll, dressed in soft baby clothes, perfect for snuggling. A Waldorf baby is missing from my collection and Lali babies are divine!

  10. My most favorite of ALL is a doll, “Merry”, by name — one of your older versions- but she is
    the doll version of my daughterI How exceptional it would be to be honored to give this dolly
    to her daughter- to become friends who share time at NANA’s home! Could be the BEST for
    this Nana to invite both dolly and granddaughter to picnics, cookie parties and exploring adventures.
    Please advise if you find another “Merry” to offer !!!

  11. If you have a lamb available for Easter, I would love to give him to a sweet little baby in my life. The lamb looks like the perfect lovey for a child.

    • Thank you Nicole. I didn’t get time to make lambs for Easter unfortunately but hopefully you can get one in time for Christmas. I’ll be making some soon. Thanks so much! xoxo – Jenn

  12. Dear Jenn,
    Thank you for your email yesterday and thank you for the magic of your art! I have been looking for a waldorf inspired doll for my daughter since 2 months and somehow I was always unconvinced until I didn’t see your breath taking dolls! I would love to see a baby doll like Cece with dark blue eyes and dark hair with detailed hands and toes and detailed eyes with long eyelashes like baby Aislinn and tanned complexion. Yesterday we spent an hour with my mum and aunt admiring your dolls and we all agreed that baby Cece looks just like my daughter as a baby 🙂 I also think the babies with animal hats like baby Sunny are very charming.
    I would love to see more of your Lali Posy dolls too.
    I deeply hope that one day we will be lucky enough to give home to one of your lovely dolls.
    Warm regards, Denitza

  13. I would love to see a fair skinned, soft strawberry blond curled, blue eye girl! I’ve been waiting to see if one popped up for my daughter! You facebook profile picture looks just like her!! ❤

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