About the dolls

Lali dolls are handcrafted in Talking Rock, GA using all natural materials. It still amazes me what wool and cotton can be made into.


They are stuffed with clean, sweet smelling sheep’s wool. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it has allergy friendly qualities. It’s also heavier than pillow stuffing so creates a little more weight to the doll. Because of the way wool can be manipulated, the doll can be stuffed very firmly or very softly. Therefore, the head and limbs of your doll can be firm enough that they won’t become misshapen if slept on or sat on. The body can be left softly stuffed so it’s huggable and floppity (I may have made up that word) floppiness is important to me. It aids in play, it makes the doll feel like it’s already “loved”. You can’t not play with a floppity toy.

I use wool yarn to knit bonnets, shoes, sweaters and accessories for my dolls.

The wigs on my dolls are usually made from mohair wool and available in several colors, lengths and textures.


My dolls have a 100% cotton fabric as the skin and available in several different skin colors.

The eyes of the dolls are embroidered in cotton embroidery floss. There are many different colors to choose from.

The doll’s outfits are designed and made by me using mostly cotton, linen or cotton-linen fabrics.